Wednesday, 7 December 2011

9. Count Basie- The Atomic Mr. Basie

Release Date: 1957
Label: Roulette

Aside from Count Dracula, and his animated likeness 'Duckula', Atomic Basie is the the most famous Count, and the jazziest. He's also much friendlier than Dracula. This album is my favourite of the current crop of pure-jazz records I seem to be listening to at the moment (c.f. Duke Ellington, Louis Prima) because it's more melodic; plus, I love anything with a bassline that runs up and down scales (if that makes any sense?) The songs reminded me a little of the Batman theme, if I'm honest, so it was quite remarkable to observe that Neal Hefti Arrangements (to give the man his full title) wrote the theme for the caped-crusader.

Overall: 8/10
Favourite Track: Whirlybird

Next Album: Thelonious Monk- Brilliant Corners

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