Thursday, 8 December 2011

14. Little Richard- Here's Little Richard

Release Date: 1957
Label: Speciality

Awapbopaloombopawambamboo is, as any fule kno, the first word in the rock 'n' roll dictionary, and also the most important. Following on from all the jazz I seem to be indulging in at the moment, it was a relief to hear some rock 'n' roll again, and Little Richard is one of the best people to listen to. A distant relation to Little Boots, the only reason Little Richard (born Richard Little) doesn't have as many imitators as Elvis is because nobody can imitate him without looking silly. The reason why Little Richard works is because he doesn't seem to care. He was openly gay from the start (despite claiming to have at least two girls in 'Tutti Frutti') and just seems to let the music take control. This album wasn't perfect (the bizarre 'True Fine Mama' saw to that), but it's definitely worth 8 stars for the energy alone.

Overall: 8/10
Favourite Track: Ready Teddy

Next Album: Tito Puente and his Orchestra- Dance Mania, Vol. 1

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  1. Your comment linking Little Richard to Little Boots actually just made me laugh very loudly


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