Thursday, 8 December 2011

16. Billie Holiday- Lady In Satin

Release Date: 1958
Label: Columbia

Reading the reviews of this album, it's been said that Billie Holiday's voice was torn to shreds by the time she recorded these dozen songs; but because I've not heard much of her before, I don't really have anything to compare her with. Still, she does unfortunately, sound a little like Macy Gray on this album. Fortunately, she gets over this by providing an emotional depth to the songs (a couple of which appear on the two Sinatra albums I've already listened to). The fragility of her voice is somewhat complimented by the context of the songs; for forty minutes Holiday mourned tragedy, love lost and generally felt a little blue- which is fair enough, being a heroin junkie and all (she's like a female Renton). It's a shame she wasn't at her peak when this album was recorded, because it'd make what is a fine album even better. Eleanora Fagan, I'm glad I heard you and you're far better than Macy Gray!

Overall: 7/10
Favourite Track: You've Changed

Next Album: Jack Elliot- Jack Takes The Floor

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