Wednesday, 7 December 2011

10. Thelonious Monk- Brilliant Corners

Release Date: 1957
Label: Riverside

Q: What do Andy Hinchcliffe and Thelonious Monk have in common?

A: Brilliant Corners.

For many Jazz fans, The Lonliest Monk is a genius. A brilliant, innovative, original genius. This album is generally regarded as his best work, so it'll be fair to assume it's fantastic, yes? Well, for some, but not for me. Whilst I appreciate the talents of Monk and refuse to criticise the man, I struggled to agree with the democratic opinion. It was just too slow-paced to fully register, I guess. Still, it wasn't all bad- it has helped me relax after a particularly stressful day at work.

Overall: 4/10
Favourite Track: Brilliant Corners

Next Album: Sabu- Palo Congo

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