Thursday, 8 December 2011

19. Ella Fitzgerald- Sings The Gershwin Song Book


Release Date: 1959
Label: Verve

Coming soon after Lady In Satin, I was expecting Ella to bare a strong similarity to Billie Holiday. I was both right and wrong. Whilst they're both female, jazzy and great, Ella has the better voice and songs. This album, which would be perfect for a Sunday, was a delight. Now, I'd heard of George Gershwin already; assuming this album would be about him alone, but I wasn't aware his brother (Ira) wrote the lyrics for a lot of G.Gershwin's compositions. And it was the lyrics I particularly enjoyed on this record. Of course, they were your typical Tin Pan Alley couplets, but they managed to be both original, catchy and memorable. This should take nothing away from Ella Fitzgerald's vocal performance, however, which is beautiful throughout.

Overall: 8/10
Favourite Track: Someone To Watch Over Me

Next Album: Ray Charles- The Genius of Ray Charles

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