Wednesday, 7 December 2011

12. Miles Davis- Birth of the Cool

Release Date: 1957
Label: Capitol

In my collection I have two Miles Davis albums (Sketches of Spain and Bitches Brew). The former I'm rather fond of, but the latter less so. I was apprehensive about hearing this album because I half expected it to be full of thirteen minute jazz noodling. Fortunately, all of the songs are in radio-friendly lengths. It took seven years for these tracks to see the light of day, though I'm not sure why? For some reason (apart from Jamie Cullum) all jazz musicians seem to be rather cool, and Mr. Davis is no exception to the rule. The only flaw with the album is that the songs did sound remarkably similar to these untrained musical ears, but they were good nonetheless.

Overall: 7/10
Favourite Track: Boplicity

Next Album: Machito- Kenya

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