Tuesday, 27 October 2015

29. Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters At Newport

Release Date: 1960
Label: Chess

I first tried to get into Blues whilst I was at university by buying a 3CD compliation which, in retrospect was a terrible idea. For every great blues track, there was one that I just couldn't stand and said compilation is sat gathering dust on my shelf as we speak. Having said that, if I were to buy this album, I wouldn't skip it if it came up on my iPod. Muddy Waters (no relation to Roger) had me enthralled from the very beginning of his set, and he sounds like he wasn't even trying that hard. I've heard two 'Live at Newport' albums thus far, the other being from Duke Ellington and this was the best.

Overall: 8/10
Favourite Track: I Got My Mojo Working

Next Album: Bill Evans - Sunday At The Village Vanguard

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