Tuesday, 27 October 2015

25. Elvis Presley- Elvis is Back!

Release Date: 1960
Label: RCA

If the first Elvis album in the list is the one to play during the party, this second offering is the album to play when you've walked your date home for the night and gone in for a cup of coffee. It begins with the upbeat 'Make Me Know It' and immediately slows down with Elvis's cover of 'Fever', which is a surprising highlight. I can only presume the criteria for songs on this album were 'ones you can dance in the kitchen too'. It's probably not 'cool' to admit it, but this was far better than his self-titled debut in the sense that it was more structured and less all over the place.

Overall: 7/10
Favourite Track: The Girl of My Best Friend

Next Album: Miriam Makeba- Miriam Makeba

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