Friday, 4 August 2017

109. The Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

Release Date: 1968
Label: Elektra

When you think of '60s psychedelia, your first thoughts are not towards Scotland are they? Admit it. This probably goes a long way as to explaining why the Scottish branch of this particular kind of hip music is nothing like what we've heard from our Californian and Carnabitian friends.

There was a song early on which is basically the inspiration for ‘The Lumberjack Song’. That was alright. I enjoyed the appearance of Sweep on backing vocals during ‘A Cellular Song’, the one with Bob Dylan style harmonica was pretty good and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Water Song genuinely features a sound-recording of somebody having a bath. I am not sure how to react to ‘Swift as the Wind’ as it seems they recorded it during a medical examination – ‘Open your mouth and say ‘Aaah’.

On a side note, I originally typed 'The Hangman's Beautiful South' on this. That would be an intersting project.

Rating: 5/10
Favourite Track: 

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