Sunday, 8 November 2015

72. The 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators

Release Date: 1966
Label: International Artists

After a brief break in proceedings cause by a technical error to my headphones, I have come back to cast opion over the music of the mid 60s. This is the point where the summer of love was just around the corner, LSD was the hippest drug around and kids where grooving to 24 hour light-shows in the heart of London. The 13th Floor Elevators are very much of their time, and it's difficult to imagine them being able to get a record deal in any other era. Yes, the album is ok, but it's not something I'd choose to listen too to many times

Rating: 6/10
Favourite Track: You're Gonna Miss Me

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